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I'm an award-winning author with a PhD in geography. My spatial thinking picture books inspire kids to get outside, explore, draw and tell stories with maps.

My best-selling picture book for toddlers, Loving Comfort: A Toddler Weaning Story, is available in five languages.

My feature screenplays are emotionally-resonant stories about women that inspire as much as they entertain.

Julie Dillemuth

Julie Dillemuth

author, poet, screenwriter

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Camilla, Super Helper Endpaper BG

Spatial Thinking Books

Spatial thinking is how we understand the world around us and use concepts of space for problem solving. Kids who learn and practice spatial skills are well-equipped for everyday problem solving as well as math and science learning.

Whether it's with Lucy retracing her steps in the big city, Camilla finding a new cartographic adventure, or Flora telling stories with maps, my books inspire readers (kids and adults!) to practice and improve their own spatial thinking skills.

Loving Comfort

A Toddler Weaning Story

Mama's milk has always been a part of Jack's life. That's changing now that he's a toddler, and that's hard. But Mama's cuddling arms, lullaby voice, and thump-thump heartbeat won't change, even when the milk is gone.

This book is for toddlers and moms who are getting ready to start weaning, or are already in the process of weaning from breastfeeding. 

Available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French languages.


Check out my latest book news, podcast interviews, and resources for parents, caregivers, and educators.

Author Julie Dillemuth signs her picture book in a bookstore.
Author Julie Dillemuth signs a book.
Author Julie Dillemuth reads a book to students in a classroom.
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