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Tree-lined Street

Camilla and the Big Change

Illustrated by Laura Wood, published by Magination Press

When beavers arrive in Camilla's forest in the spring, trees come down as they start planning a dam. Camilla does NOT want a pond -- it’s too much change. But when her map-making skills can help with the pond construction, Camilla slowly gets used to the idea that change can be good.

Includes a note in the back with info and activities. Ask for it at your local bookstore, or find it at the Magination Press website.

Book cover of Camilla and the Big Change

Camilla, Cartographer

Illustrated by Laura Wood, published by Magination Press

Wild boar Camilla is fascinated by maps of all kinds. She's under the false impression that everything has already been explored and mapped, but when an epic snowfall transforms the landscape, she realizes that she can still make new discoveries, forge her own paths, and document her activities in maps.

Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers with spatial thinking info and activities that celebrate discovery, adventurous problem-solving, and making maps. Ideal for ages 4-8. Ask for it at your local bookstore, or find it online at Magination Press

book cover for Camilla, Cartographer

"An adorable adventure in cartography." - Kirkus Review 

Mapping My Day

Illustrated by Laura Wood, published by Magination Press

Flora loves to draw, and loves drawing maps. She takes us through her day, drawing a map or diagram for everything that happens. It's a story told in maps, an atlas of her life!

Each of Flora's maps illustrates key mapping concepts (like scale, cardinal directions, compass rose, routes, landmarks). Readers will be inspired to create their own maps and diagrams to tell their own stories.

Learn more about spatial thinking and the importance of kids drawing maps in the Note at the back of the book. Includes several activities to do at home or in the classroom, and printable Activity Pages.

book cover for Mapping My Day

Print the Activity Pages from Magination Press.

Read what reviewers say about Mapping My Day.

Lucy in the City: A Story About Developing Spatial Thinking Skills

Illustrated by Laura Wood, published by Magination Press

When Lucy the raccoon is distracted by a jar of peanut butter one night while out foraging and gets separated from her family, she must figure out how to find her way home. Kids will be rooting for Lucy as she enlists the help of a friendly owl and his bird's-eye view, tunes into the world around her, and navigates herself home.

Free Teacher's Guide with activities in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Print the Activity Pages from the back of the book.

book cover for Lucy In The City
book cover image, Loving Comfort

Loving Comfort: A Toddler Weaning Story

Illustrated by Vicky Pratt

Approaching best-seller status, my picture book is for children ages 1 to 3 who are getting ready to wean from breastfeeding or are in the weaning process. Addressing the psychological aspects of weaning for both children and moms, this story emphasizes the variety of ways a mother provides comfort to her child.

Also available in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.


Note: all editions are available in all Amazon marketplaces, or can be ordered from your favorite bookstore.

book cover image, Liebe und Geborgenheit
book cover image, Confort D'amor
book cover image, Confort de amor
book cover image, Coccole di latte
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