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  • Julie Dillemuth

New Camilla Book -- it's Summertime!

Have you heard the buzz? My third book featuring everyone's favorite wild boar and her porcupine sidekick, Parsley, is available for pre-order! Order now and receive it when it releases May 16th, 2023.

Set in the heat of summer, Camilla, Super Helper is about the big problem facing Camilla's honey bee friend Melli and her hive-- not enough flowers and water for the bees to store up food. "Where's a super hero when you need one?" Camilla asks. But an idea hits her like a summer storm and she's off for her mapping supplies in order to help the hive, bringing along the community of forest animals in her problem solving and friendship-building.

Enjoy the colorful and fun illustrations by Laura Wood, and as always, a Note to Parents and Caregivers in the back provides ideas for taking the themes of the book further. A read-aloud video is slated to come out within the next couple of months.

Camilla, Super Helper is published by Magination Press.


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