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  • Julie Dillemuth

Reviews & Giveaways for MAPPING MY DAY!

Blogs are buzzing about Mapping My Day! (Note links to the blog posts below)

"An excellent addition to geography collections." - School Library Journal

"It’s a great invitation to start mapping out our world – something that may be seen by some as a dying art in this age of GPS, but is a critically important skill to have. We should all know how to lay out a space; what our cardinal directions are and how to find them, and the importance of landmarks when you’re finding your way." - Rosemary Kiladitis, Mom Read It

Geo Librarian interviewed me about geography, maps, and writing.

"Julie Dillemuth does a fantastic job making mapping and mathematics fun! ... As a bonus, this is a book that features a multiracial family without being a book about a multiracial family. ... This is a book that will be appreciated by teachers and readers alike!" - Ricki at Unleashing Readers; giving away a copy - enter by 3/15!

"This book is so informative and really helps young ones get more comfortable with maps from reading to drawing and more. I love it!!" - Crafty Moms Share ; giveaway until 3/20. Check out the other map-related books in this post.

"Maps are ways to present information visually, not only for geography, but also for many other fields including STEM. Plus, spatial skills learned from developing an understanding of maps are important for many careers. ... All in all, Mapping My Day is a tool every educator of young children should have in their toolbox." - Roberta at Wrapped In Foil

"As I was reading this book, I immediately thought of the 2nd and third grade teachers that teach early mapping and geography skills. This book would make a good read aloud to launch the unit." - The Late Bloomer's Book Blog

"I loved reading Mapping My Day and remembering these little bits of memories from my childhood. I anticipate young readers will make lots of of connections to Flora in this story just as I did." - Jen Vincent's Teach Mentor Texts Blog (also has great ideas for activities with students)

"what I love about this book is that the concepts are applied directly to a child’s life." - Dawn, 5MinutesForBooks

"I really like the concept of teaching kids about maps and all the different kinds of maps that they could create or use. This offers a simple way to teach kids in the lower elementary level about maps and how to use them." - Sincerely Stacie, who loved maps as a kid

"I loved Flora and her multi-cultural family and think this book is an excellent way to introduce kids to the dying art of map reading. " - The Bermuda Onion

"A unique title that fills a niche; I also appreciated the diverse family pictured. With simple text and cheerful pictures, plus all the activities, this book is all you need for a science activity, lesson, or program on mapping." - Jennifer, Jean Little Library is giving away FIVE copies! Enter by 3/20


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